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If you've never rock climbed that's ok, we encourage you to give it a shot and challenge yourself. 

You'll discover that when we practice yoga, we design our practice around all ages and abilities. We encourage you to only go as far as you are uncomfortable and if you're feeling a little uncomfortable - good! Be in that space and be present with your body. We only have one rule, don't push yourself to pain.

Google map it son...c'mon.

Pre-Covid on a Sadhanadventures retreat, breakfast and gourmet vegetarian dinners were provided. Now, on these retreats you'll get each day, morning guided yoga and meditation, and in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to choose to participate in rock climbing activities. All camping accommodations taken care of. 

In the winter we camp at Pleasant Valley Owens River Campground or disperse camping and in the spring we stay at Horton Creek Campground and at Rock Creek during the summer.

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