Sadhanadventures uses a returning client reduced pricing model because most of our clients have referred friends and family and it is not our intention to profit significantly from our retreats.

$250 - First Time Client

You're curious and haven't been on a Sadhanadventure retreat before. When you're new, we'll be your adventure consultant throughout the entire trip. 

$175  - 2-3 Retreats

Great! We're excited to have you back.

$125 - 4+ Retreats

After 4 or more retreats it's safe to say we're all friends, you know the drill and lay of the lands so to speak. In addition you've likely referred a few friends to come along and this is our way of showing our appreciation for returning with us.


$250 p/Client

  • 2 Yoga Sessions
  • Personal climbing instruction
  • More...
2-3 Retreats


$175 p/Client

  • 2 Yoga Sessions
  • Climbing instruction
  • More...
4+ Retreats


$125 p/Client

  • 2 Yoga Sessions
  • Climbing instruction
  • More

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